Our grandfathers from Metsovo were borned and raised in a place where forest and wood was dominating. Sometimes as a structure material in roofs, balconies, windows. Some other as furniture, folclore art, barrels, honey boxes or as decorating wood carved items in the house or church temples. Some other in a vital heating way or a cooking way. They should have realised the importance of wood in making their daily life better and also the wood as a trading and commercial good. That realisation made them respect the forest and the wood, it made them love it. This love is the great heritage we gained from them.

Our guesthouse is built as a superposition to a carpentry that for twenty years was hosting the creativeness and the industriousness of our grandfathers. Not so old lab comparing to the, at least, fifty years of experience of our granfathers. This lab, the machines and tools is the second heritage. Undoubtedly important also. But what it would be the importance of having the lab and the machines if we didn’t love to create and work with wood? We thank our ancestors for both. We create items that they use to create seatings, bread boxes, cutting surfaces,  trying to keep a part of the tradition of our village. We are also experimenting with benches,tables and lightings that are placed in the lobby and rooms. The lab is in the basement of the guesthouse and we will be happy to give you quick tour.